Consultation using the Permaculture principles in: -strategies to maximize the wise use of water and evaporation control for arid climates; -enrichment of the soil: creation of compost/lombri-compost/mulch, microorganisms, etc; -fruit trees and other species adapted to each micro-climate (including big biodiversity and special varieties).

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Customized Design to the needs, economic resources and time availability of the client including: -Farm Map with details; -Explanation of the techniques to apply; -Educational material for a better understanding of the principles of Permaculture.

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Permaculture Introduction Course (1-2days) for individuals or small groups.The agenda includes: -Principles, Strategies and Techniques of Permaculture; -How to make a good compost; -How to need much less water; -Varieties of plants and their symbiotic associations; -Digital material for in-depth studies and knowledge of plants, fruit, ecosystems, food forests, etc ...

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